Leaders of The Tijuana CartelEdit

The first two leaders of the Tijuana Cartel Benjamin and Ramon were bosses at the same time.

The current leaders of the Tijuana Cartel are Enedina Arellano Felix and her son Luis Fernando Sanchez Arellano who are bosses at the same time.

1.Ramon Arellano Felix (Underboss) 1989 - February 2002 killed in a gun battle.

2.Benjamin Arellano Felix (Boss) 1989 - March 2002 captured.

3.Eduardo Arellano Felix March 2002 - 2008 captured.

4.Enedina Arellano Felix 2008-present first female boss of the Tijuana Cartel.

5.Luis Fernando Sanchez Arellano 2008-present Enedina's son.

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