Dionicio Loya Plancarte

Dionicio Loya Plancarte
(Born October 21st 1955 a.k.a. El Tío) is a Mexican drug lord and former leader of La Familia Michoacana Cartel, a drug cartel headquartered in the Mexican state of Michoacán. Loya Plancarte is currently a high-ranking leader of the La Familia offshoot known as The Knights Templar Cartel, which is led by Servando Gómez Martínez.

Loya Plancarte is the uncle of Enrique Plancarte Solís, another high-ranking leader of The Knights Templar Cartel.

He is currently at large, and the Mexican government listed him in 2009 as one of country's 37 most-wanted drug lords, offering a $3 million pesos (USD $2.3 million) bounty for information leading to his capture.