Luis Reyes Enriquez (El Rex)

Luis Reyes Enríquez (Born 1970) alias El Rex and Z-12 is a mexican drug lord of the criminal group known as The Los Zetas Organization.


Not much is known about his early life. He joined the mexican he joined the mexican army in his late teens. In 1998 he deserted the army along with his comrades Arturo Guzmán Decena (Z1) and Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano (Z3). However after leaving the army he became a federal police officer who was attached to the attorney general's office for a short while. As a well-trained gunman with an official pedigree, he was precisely the kind of man who helped build the Zetas' reputation as a paramilitary army at the service of drug traffickers.


In the early hours of June 24 2009, after a night of partying, he headed to La Fuente Hotel to rest, unaware that he was under surveillance by dozens of soldiers and federal agents. Luis Reyes Enriquez was lying on the bed of a $13-per-night hotel room in a provincial town when federal troops came for him. Reyes, a leader in Mexico City of the infamous band of hit men known as The Los Zetas Organization, was caught off guard: He was hung over from a wedding party the night before. When authorities presented him to the media the next day in Mexico City, he was still dressed in a khaki suit and white dress shirt.