Comandante Mateo

Mateo Diaz Lopez (aka Comandante Mateo) is a mexican drug lord of The Los Zetas Organization. He was a regional leader of The Los Zetas in the Tabasco state of Mexico.


Not much is known about Mateo Lopez' early life. he joined the mexican army in his late teens. In 1998 he deserted the army along with his comrades Arturo Guzmán Decena (Z1) and Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano (Z3).


In July 2006 Comandante Mateo was arrested by SIDEO and the Mexican army after they located one of his safehouses above a bar in Tabasco. He was involved in a fight in the bar downstairs when the police arrested both men for fighting.

According to the Attorney General's Office, through the Deputy Attorney Investigation of Organized
Comandante Mateo

Mateo Diaz Lopez police mugshot July 2006.

Crime (OFDI), Mateo Díaz López, alias "Commandante Mateo" or "Z-10" was responsible for the killing of Ponciano Vazquez Lagunes, Junco Adrian Diaz, Luis Vidal Vázquez, Antonio Rodríguez Medina, Raul Medina Rodriguez and Carlos de la Cruz Mario Magana. The investigations showed that on June 10 2006 on the highway Huimanguillo-Villa Chontalpa, at 14km from the town of La Lucha, Tabasco State, 600 meters from the highway, Comandante Mateo left a Blue 2005 Dodge Durango abandoned at the side of the highway with five bodies inside the vehicle.

Liberation AttemptEdit

On July 16th 2006 while Mateo Lopez was being held in custody at the Palacio de Justicia in Cunduacán, Tabasco, México The Los Zetas Organization attempted to break him out of jail. When Mateo was allowed to use the phone in the police station as part of his rights when arrested, he used the opportunity to call his men to come rescue him. At 11pm the first attempt by the Los Zetas to rescue him failed and resulted in the death of one police officer. At 1am while the police were investigating the shooting of the police officer in the earlier attack the Los Zetas returned this time armed with heavy weapons, grenades, and rocket launchers. The second attempt was more violent and resulted in the deaths of 2 police officers and 8 wounded police officers. This second attempt to break Comandante Mateo out of jail also failed the result was the arrest of 2 Los Zetas Sciaros who carried out the attack, 2 houses were damaged and 4 police cars were destroyed.