Raul Lucio Fernandez-Lechuga

Raul Lucio Hernandez Lechuga "Z16"

Raúl Lucio Hernández Lechuga
, alias El Lucky and Z-16, is a Mexican drug lord and one of the original founders of the criminal group The Los Zetas Organization. The government of Mexico had listed Hernández Lechuga as one of its 37 most wanted drug lords and offered the equivalent of over $2 million USD for information leading to his capture. He was apprehended in Córdoba, Veracruz on 12 December 2011, and was believed to have controlled operations for Los Zetas in over 10 states in Mexico. In addition, one of his bodyguards was killed; authorities also found 133 rifles, five grenade launchers, 29 grenades and 36 pistols at the scene of the raid. SEMAR also found bulletproof vests with the letter "Z", the Zetas symbol, on the front.